Are unreported incidents effecting your bottom-line?

Unexpected breakages in businesses lead to large scale maintenance and losses of crucial equipment.

Standard Incident Management systems are unable to report, coordinate and manage incidents efficiently.

Valuable operational time is being affected by unreported, unassigned backlogged incidents.

Do you face similar problems?

♦ Irregularities of unscheduled incidents being assigned and managed


♦ Existing Incident Management System not robust


♦ Cost implications due to backlog of unmanaged incidents

Manage the INCIDENT before it becomes a PROBLEM

Ensures WORK-FLOW management processes for reporting, assigning and repairing incidents to MITIGATE FORESEEABLE DAMAGE AND LOSSES.


Adaptable to incidental disruptions to ensure seamless operations

Accelerated Communication

Adherence to SLA (service level agreement) and TAT (turn around time)

User Satisfaction Index

Intuitive user interface


Align Incident Management with business objectives

Real-Time Reporting

Facilitating rapid response to incidents

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